July, 2023


Aviation collaboration between Russia and Venezuela is set to expand further as Russia has agreed to share its Leonardo booking system with Venezuelan national carrier Conviasa. The latest development was announced by a Russian government press service following a meeting between officials from both countries. Notably, Conviasa had previously entered into a working agreement with Aeroflot to develop flight connections between Russia and Venezuela.

In Ukraine, formal charges have been filed against the former general director of Rossiya Airlines, Sergei Aleksandrovsky, and the general director of Nordwind, Igor Shvetsov. The charges were made in absentia and are related to their alleged involvement in facilitating illegal transportation of individuals across the Ukraine-Russia border to occupied Crimea. Prosecutors assert that over 10,000 illegal flights were operated from Russian cities to Simferopol between 2018 and 2022. The charges carry a potential sentence of up to nine years for the pair.

Tatarstan Prime Minister Nazir Kireev has expressed optimism about the potential increase in total production of civil aircraft at the Kazan Aviation Plant, projecting a figure of up to 100 aircraft per annum. The plant has reportedly already commenced serial production of the Tu-214 aircraft, intended to be a mainstay of the Russian civil aviation industry. As pressure to reintroduce the Tu-214 into operation mounts, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has once again reassured industry figures that the completely Russian-made Tu-214 model will be fully finalised by the end of 2024, with an expected production rate of 20 units per year. In a meeting with Aeroflot CEO Sergei Aleksandrovsky, Mishustin also reiterated that reducing dependence on foreign aircraft remains a key priority for the Russian government.

Georgian airline Georgian Airways has launched transit flights from Moscow to Nice via Tbilisi. Following the lifting of the visa regime for Georgian citizens and the flight ban between Russia and Georgia by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Georgian Airways has been among the airlines operating flights between the two countries. However, the resumption of flights with Moscow, especially transit flights targeted at Russian citizens, has sparked controversy in Georgia. Georgian Airways also plans to operate further transit flights between Moscow and other European destinations, including Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, and Milan.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has issued a formal warning to Vitaly Vantsev, co-owner of Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport and Azimut Airlines, over his prediction of airfare increases in Russia. The FAS raised concerns that Vantsev’s remarks could be construed as encouraging companies to raise prices. Vantsev attributed the anticipated price surge to Western sanctions, and predicted a potential 15-20% increase in ticket prices for domestic flights and up to 40% for international flights in 2023.

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