June, 2023


Test flights for the Sukhoi SuperJet NEW variant are to be undertaken with Franco-Russian SaM146 engines installed for the sake of extraditing the testing process. The SSJ-NEW is planned to enter production with the Russian-made PD-8 engine; the substitution represents the latest setback in the model’s much criticised development, which has seen its date of entry into service pushed back several times. An anonymous SSJ-100 pilot has criticised the model in an interview with the telegram channel Pristegnite remni. According to the pilot, referred to as GA, the SSJ remains flawed in its dependence on Western components, particularly in relation to maintenance processes. According to GA, supply issues have plagued the aircraft’s operation since before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian aviation expert Roman Gusarov has highlighted the aircraft’s significance in the country’s aerospace sector, claiming that new SSJ models will protect Russian aviation from being cut off by the West.

The United States has banned Turkish airline Southwind from operating its Boeing 737-MAX aircraft into Russia. The airline, which was formed shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, boasts a fleet of aircraft formerly operated by Russian carriers, reportedly using crews formerly working for Russian Nordwind Airlines. According to local media, the airline has asked Russian carriers to conduct flights in its place in order to honour previously issued tickets.

Aeroflot has begun offering pilots of its Boeing aircraft the opportunity to retrain for the Tu-214, which is set to be reintroduced into Russian domestic fleets as part of national plans to domesticate the civil aviation sector. Aeroflot signed an agreement to purchase 40 Tu-214s in 2022, with the first batch of deliveries scheduled for 2024. The airline has also announced that Aeroflot group, which includes Pobeda and Rossiya, plans to deregister 84 aircraft from foreign aviation registries. Upon completion, 64.5% of the airline’s fleet will be exclusively registered in Russia. Aeroflot has also announced plans for a codeshare agreement with Venezuelan carrier Conviasa. The move will assist the airline’s route development in the Caribbean, initially focusing on connecting Russia, Venezuela and Cuba. Aeroflot and other Russian airlines have been forced to reassess their international route networks in the wake of sanctions relating to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Head of Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov has announced that Russia will develop its own long-range, wide-body aircraft in order to replace outgoing Western models, currently operating long-haul flights on behalf of Russian carriers. Manturov stated that the aircraft’s development is due to be complete by 2030.

Minister of transport Vitaly Saveliev has reportedly claimed in an interview that seven civil aircraft have been partially cannibalised. According to Saveliev, the planes are expected to be restored and returned to service once the requisite spare parts have been installed.

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