Michael Woodward, Consultant

Michael Woodward


I currently specialise in most areas of taxation, including corporate tax, employment, property and personal tax including wealth planning on a domestic and international basis.

I have practised in leading City and West End firms but also in the worlds of private and investment banking starting with Morgan Grenfell/ Deutsche Bank structuring major PLC takeovers in the 1980s and moving on to private banking as member of the founding group at Barclays Wealth and playing a key role in its growth to the major institution it is today. My work on tax issues has included sophisticated financing techniques, the use of double tax treaties and multi-national structuring and fund flows as well as fund raisings and re-organisations of UK public and private groups.

My work in the financial services sector has also involved delivering mainstream corporate finance advice and I have been authorised by the FCA or its antecedents since financial services legislation was first introduced. As well as transactions in shares I have also been involved in the issue of debt securities and as trustee  when these have gone into default with notable re-financings for Heron, Peel Group and some continental banks.

My tax advice to wealthy individuals in private banking included steering them away from certain defective film partnerships but also providing alternative structures which worked quite satisfactorily and led to further involvement in that industry and several producer credits on IMDb.

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Email: Michael.Woodard@wordleylaw.com
Tel: +44 (0) 7796 146 605

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